Beginning of winter conditions in the NP Plitvice Lakes

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Dear visitors of NP Plitvice Lakes,

Due to winter conditions in the area, from 13.11.2017. the Upper Lakes are closed in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Only the Lower Lakes are open for the tour. Please pay attention to the following notes on ships and trains:

  • The ship only drives on long lines P1-P3 and vice versa
  • The ship is not driving on short line (P1-P2)
  • The train runs only on the relation St1 – St2 and vice versa

When visiting the Lower Lakes, there are 3 tour programs available: Programs A, B and F.

Pogram A – sightseeing takes 2-3 hours/ 3500 m

Zimski uvijeti u parku Plitvice

Starts at the north entrance (Entrance no. 1). The tour is circular and provides an opportunity to admire the „Great Waterfall“ – the largest fall of the Plitvice Lakes and in Croatia. The path leads on upstream, through the „Lower Lakes“ canyon, along the lakes „Novakovića brod”, “Kaluđerovac”, “Gavanovac” and “Milanovac”, to a point at „Kozjak Bridge“ where the trail begins to ascend towards the eastern side of the canyon. From this part, you return to the starting point (Entrance no. 1).

Pogram B – sightseeing takes 3-4 hours/ 4000 m

Zimski uvijeti u parku Plitvice

Starting point is at the north entrance of the park (Entrance 1). Sightseeing is circular, and includes a walk through the limestone canyon of the “Lower Lakes”, an electric-boat ride across the largest of the Plitvice lakes – Lake “Kozjak”, a panoramic train ride, and a walk along the top of the canyon’s east side all the way back to starting point at “Entrance 1”. You will also see the impressive “Great Waterfall” and the “Sastavci” waterfalls, the beautiful dark blue lakes of “Novakovića Brod”, “Kaluđerovac”, “Gavanovac” and “Milanovac”, as well as the vastness of Lake Kozjak.

Pogram F – sightseeing takes 3-4 hours/ 4600 m

Zimski uvijeti u parku Plitvice

Starting point is at the south entrance of the Park („Entrance 2). After a short walk and electric-boat ride across Lake Kozjak, the tour will take you on a walk through the limestone canyon of the Upper Lakes all the way to the “Great Waterfall”. From the “Great Waterfall” to the train station there is a steep serpentine leading to the east side of the canyon, where there are numerous viewpoints offering spectacular views of the crystal-clear, dark blue lakes and adjoining high cliffs. Return to starting point by panoramic train. Sightseeing is circular.

Currently closed sightseeing programs:

Program C, Program E, Program H, Program K 1, Program K 2.

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