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Contact Information
Phone: +385 (0) 53 746 530
Memorijalni centar "Nikola Tesla", Smiljan, Croatia

City Gospic driven by the desire to preserve the character and work of the famous Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla, and to mark the 150th anniversary of birth of Nikola Tesla in Smiljan on July 10 was opened Memorial "Nikola Tesla" in 2006. Memorial was officially opened by the Croatian President, the Croatian Prime Minister and President of the Croatian Parliament and was also attended by many foreign statesmen. Nikola Tesla Memorial Center is composed of pre-existing and newly constructed buildings.Prior existing facilities are: Birthplace of Nikola Tesla, St. Apostles Peter and Paul, outbuilding (barn) stone monuments and benches arhitrekta Zdenka Collation.

Newly built facilities are: a porch, a test station. multimedia center with accompanying playground for children, a monument to Nikola Tesla authors Mile Blazevic, outdoor auditorium, Tesla Turbine and bridge or platform.

Entertainment center includes a souvenir shop, multimedia hall where visitors can watch a documentary about Tesla.Children's playground is also interesting arranged so reminiscent of some of Tesla's inventions.

The entire Memorial Center "Nikola Tesla" is rasprostinje an area of ​​13000 square meters.

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