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Mrsinj is a wooded hill situated between the mountain of Mala Kapela to the north and mountain chain of Lika to the southwest.
The hill of Mrsinj is separated from the mountain of Mala Kapela by the saddle of Pogledalo on the Korenica-Otočac road. At the east foot of Mrsinj is the village of Korenica and Korenica Field. The Korenica-Bunić-Gospić road runs across the southern slopes of Mrsinj and saddle of Ljubovo. The upper side of Mrsinj stretches in the north-south direction and has two peaks: Nikina plasa (1268 m) and Mrsinj (1259 m). At the foot of Mrsinj, at altitude of 1097 m above sea level, there are the remains of Mrsinj Town castle, built in the Middle Ages.
The Mrsinj Town was the capital of Diocese of Krbava established in 1185. In 1486, the Mrsinj Town was held by dukes of Frankopans of Krbava and in 1527 was conquered by the Turks.
A marked path leads from the village of Korenica to the Mrsinj Town, rising gently at first then more steeply nearing the end of the hill with an altitude difference of 440 m. You can hike it in an hour and twenty minutes and you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the village of Korenica, Korenica Field and peak of Gola Plješivica (1646 m).


There is a beautiful Hiking trail that leads to old Mrsinj Town, which has a nice view to Korenica town and its surroundings.

Contact person: Marijana Nahod

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Mrsinj Grad, Vranovača, Croatia

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