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To Make the Most out of Your Time at Plitvice Lakes

If you are planning to visit Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, then you will want to read as much information as possible from the official source. We are Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board, and we want to make sure you don’t travel across the planet only to find out you had some wrong information at the start.

If you have searched for Plitvice Lakes, you probably know about their stunning beauty. They are added to UNESCO World Heritage. These 16 lakes are in Croatian language called “Plitvička Jezera”.

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How can I get to Plitvice Lakes?

You will most probably get a flight that will directly or indirectly take you to Zagreb Airport or Zadar Airport.

From Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes are 130 Km away, or about 2hrs of driving. They are also 118 Km from city of Zadar, and 242 Km from city of Split. Our page How to get to Plitvice Lakes has most of the transportation options covered.

Where are Plitvice Lakes on the map?

Where can I stay at Plitvice Lakes?

There are many accommodation options at the lakes and in the vicinity. 

Our website is listing most of the Private rentals, with most precise maps that lead directly to the premises. The list of all accommodation available is here.

Please note that as an Official Tourist Board, we don’t charge our renters any fees, which means that you may be getting the lowest possible prices, due to the direct contact with each of them.

Right now we have listed:

How many days should I stay at Plitvice Lakes?

That will of course depend on your schedule. However, a one-day visit may be stressful and you may miss a lot. The minimum for the Lakes themselves would be two days. However, there are many things you can do around the lakes as well, so even more days can be spent well. Read below about other activities.

What is the best time to visit Plitvice Lakes?

Plitvice at summer and plitvice at winter are two different worlds. Each one worth seeing. If you cannot come twice, choose whatever you prefer more. You won’t regret it either way. If you want to check the weather at plitvice right now, you can do so on our homepage.

How much is the entrance Fee to Plitvice Lakes?

It depends on the Package you choose, and the time you come. The ticket prices and validity vary by season and hours. The  official list of Plitvice Lakes Entrance package is here.

Where are the Plitvice Lakes Entrances?

There are two official Entrances. Plitvice Lakes Entrance 1 is at 44°53'07.5"N 15°37'10.3"E.Entrance 2 is at 44°52'55.3"N 15°37'23.3"E.

Entrance 2 is generally less crowded.

What are the activities around Plitvice Lakes?

We are listing the activities in three main categories:

The options are many. You could visit the birth house of the famous Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla, see Rastoke, a place that looks like it came right out of a fairytale, or go Rafting, Biking, Paragliding, or choose from many other recreations.

What is the gastronomy around Plitvice lake like?

First of all, there are not many options inside the park area. But don't worry, you will certainly not get hungry during your visit.

If you plan the all-day visit of the Lakes, you can buy food at entrances or take a rest in one of the nearby restaurants. There are also few restaurants on station points and some lake-side options where you can get a snack or a full meal.

We have a comprehensive list of restaurants, bistros and cafe bars in and around Plitvice Lakes here.

Can I swim in Plitvice Lakes?

Unfortunately, no. Swimming in Plitvice Lakes is forbidden.

Where can I find important numbers, contacts and point of interest in Plitvice Lakes?

On our website, we have compiled a list of the most important contacts you may need during your stay at plitvice lakes.

They are divided in four categories:

    Places of interest
  1. SOS - Direct help (Police, Ambulance, Fire, Mountain Rescue…)
  2. Travel agencies
  3. Other info

All the information is on our website under the Plan section.