Enjoy your vacation responsibly

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Enjoy your vacation responsibly

Safety and protection are yours and ours primary interests, find out how to prepare yourself in time and how to react in certain situations.

Precautions and safety measures

Keep your eye on the weather foecast

Take note of the information on dangerous weather alerts and heat waves.

Protect yourself

Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight between 10 am and 5 pm.
Drink enough liquids.
Wear comfortable, light coloured clothes.
Don’t leave children or pets in parked vehicles.

Be equiped

Do not go on trips into thewilderness alone.
Take appropriateclothing and footwear, enoughwater and food as well as a well charged phone.

Asistance in danger

By dialling 112 you can reach the police, firefighters, emergency medical services, mountain rescue and other emergency services as well as associations within the civil protection system.

Keep the environment safe from fires

It is forbidden to light fires in open areas. If you see a flame or smoke immediately call 112 or the fire department directly on 193.

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