Camping near Croatian National Parks

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Kampiranje u blizini nacionalnih parkova Hrvatske

In addition to the quality of Croatian Camps, beautiful nature is one of the main reasons why many campers choose Croatia as their vacation spot.

Camping enthusiasts and nature lovers will be happy to know that it is possible to camp in nearly 40 camps near Croatian Nature Parks and National Parks which is perfect for exploring Croatian exquisite nature.

The project called “CAMPING near PARKS in CROATIA” was founded so that we could inform everyone about camping accommodation in Croatia the best way we can.

The project connects National Parks and Nature Parks with activities and affordable accommodation in camps or in camping trailers in the vicinity of untouched Croatian nature.

You can find all the important information about  Croatian Nature Parks and National Parks, as well as the camps near them on the project’s website CAMPING near PARKS in CROATIA.

The website and brochure will help you to organize and realize the best trip of your life, and visit as many parks, natural beauties and camps as possible. You can also download a PDF map of Croatian natural beauty.

For more detailed information about camping in Croatia you can also visit Croatian Camping Union’s website



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